Jane Meade

I can’t say enough about CFMY. It really became the family I didn’t have in Philly. Athletically, the best was brought out of me! And socially, I’ve made some of my best friends. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable, certainly know how to motivate, and most important, support you!

I’ve never felt more accomplished with what I was able to achieve. I’ve moved about 6 months ago from Philly to finally be closer to my real family, and CFMY is what I miss most about the move, just that automatic feel of camaraderie. In fact, I may have moved sooner had it not been for CFMY. I’ve been hesitant to join another CrossFit because I now have such a high standard. But I also know I’ll always be a part of CFMY’s family, and that means the world to me!