Nick Katra

Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, Manayunk Athletics is the place to join. Great people, great coaches, and great workouts! Dave, Ashley and all the coaches put a lot of time into making sure each athlete gets the most out of the workouts. The family feel at Manayunk Athletics is truly remarkable, and everyone is very supportive of each other, as we all work to achieve our goals.

Megan Keohane

This place completely transformed my life. I played sports all my life and *thought* I was in shape, but making the decision to join here made me realize there was lots of room for improvement. After being a member for about 15 months (and doing extra programming for about eight), I’m in the best shape of my life and want to keep getting better and better. I’ve had shoulder issues for almost 10 years and a couple surgeries on it, and Dave’s programming has helped strengthen it more than any physical therapy ever has. It’s incredible. I’ve also met some of the greatest people and look forward to seeing everyone’s faces at workouts.

James St. George

The very best of the best! I began my CrossFit journey in my late forties and was overweight and out of shape, and less than a year and a half later, I am 60 pounds lighter and in the best shape of my life. If you want to change your life, this is where you start! Manayunk – you literally saved my life!

Ron Braunfeld

5+ years as a member. I have been to many CrossFit gyms in the course of my travels: Seattle, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, LA, Charleston, NYC … and I have to say, this is the best spot. David Lee puts together the best workouts and progressions. Additionally, my 16-year-old son has now gotten involved. While he is the youngest in the gym, everyone makes him feels welcome and at home. Great coaching. Great people. Great place.

Alison Lanz

I recently moved to Manayunk and decided to give CrossFit Manayunk a try. I have moved various times throughout the country over the past several years and have joined CrossFit gyms at each location. Having experienced several CrossFit gyms, I can honestly say that the facility, coaches, and atmosphere are amazing!! If you are thinking of joining … go ahead and make the decision. You WILL NOT be disappointed!!

Jane Meade

I can’t say enough about CFMY. It really became the family I didn’t have in Philly. Athletically, the best was brought out of me! And socially, I’ve made some of my best friends. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable, certainly know how to motivate, and most important, support you!

I’ve never felt more accomplished with what I was able to achieve. I’ve moved about 6 months ago from Philly to finally be closer to my real family, and CFMY is what I miss most about the move, just that automatic feel of camaraderie. In fact, I may have moved sooner had it not been for CFMY. I’ve been hesitant to join another CrossFit because I now have such a high standard. But I also know I’ll always be a part of CFMY’s family, and that means the world to me!