CrossFit Cliffnotes – December 2019

Here’s the latest in the CrossFit world:

  • Our second Crossfit Open of 2019 has officially come to an end and Crossfit HQ has until December 16th to finalize the video review process for national champions and top 20 worldwide athletes.  (Unofficially) Here’s what you may have missed:
    • Sara Sigmundsdottir and Patrick Vellner took the top spots. Sigmundsdottir is the only woman to have won the Open 3 times. Vellner finally beat Mat Fraser at something. 
    • 111 penalties were given out during the 2020 Open, that’s 100 more than were given during the 2019 Open (Note: The review process changed to a weekly video review of the top 40 athletes from a process that only reviewed two of five workouts from the top 40 athletes after the 2019 Open had concluded). 
    • Our Comeback Kids: Kara Saunders crushed the 2020 Open finishing 12th on the Leaderboard. Ben Smith won’t need a wild card this year as he finished 22nd and will get an invite through the Open backfill system. Dan Bailey still has work to do finishing 683rd and Josh Bridges did not compete due to an elbow injury.
    • Crossfit Manayunk continued to kick butt on the Affiliate Leaderboard!! Using the “Top 10” filter, CFMY finished 2,022 out of approximately 11,850 Affiliates Worldwide.
    • Our fearless leader Papa D (Coach David Lee) qualified for the Age Group Online Qualifier finishing 106th in the 40-44 age group. Dave will be working extra hard in the gym putting in multiple workouts a day to train for the qualifier in March. Be sure to cheer him on if you seem him grinding! 
  • The 2020 Sanctionals Season has already begun with the 1st Sanctional, The Filthy 150 Sanctional having taken place in Dublin, Ireland on November 22nd. Here’s a list of the upcoming Sanctionals for the rest of year:
    • Pandaland Crossfit Challenge:  Dec 7th to 8th, Chengdu China
    • The Southfit Crossfit Challenge: Dec 6th to 8th, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • Dubai Crossfit Championship: Dec 11th to 14th, Dubai, UAE 
      • This Sanctional is starting to seem like it will be one of the most exciting of the season with one of the biggest prize purses and the biggest names competing against one another. Some athletes already confirmed to compete: Sara Sigmundsdottir, Katrin Davidsdottir, Samantha Briggs, Jamie Greene, Patrick Vellner, Brent Fikowski, Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson
      • Mat Fraser won pretty much everything there last year taking home $100,000 but is yet to be confirmed if he will be returning. 
  • Some “Fun” Stuff: Not only is Roman Khrennikov a top athlete, he’s also an amazing break-dancer! Watch his skills here. Dan Bailey hit a 30lb post surgery snatch PR at 264lb during the Filthy 150 Sanctional. Sean Sweeney posted an Instagram picture of his wardrobe malfunction at Wodapalooza last season that exposed his non-regretful butt tattoo of Yosemite Sam. Games announcer, Sean Woodland, stated on his podcast, Talking Elite Fitness, that he is going to be a Dad! Rich Froning has started his own bison farm, Froning Farms. The Crossfit Games are back on Instagram.

CrossFit Cliffnotes – November 2019

Here’s the latest in the CrossFit world:

  • The 2020 Open just wrapped up and it should come as no surprise that Crossfit Manayunk is kicking butt on the Affiliate Leaderboard!! The Leaderboard can be filtered by several different means, but  by using the “Top 10” filter, here is how CFMY measured up as of November 11, 2019:
    • 1,766 out of approximately 11,850 Affiliates Worldwide
    • 818 out of approximately 5,580 Affiliates in the USA
    • 32nd out of approximately 188 Affiliates in the state of Pennsylvania
    • Click here to play around with the other filters as we have our best results when using the “Top 4” and “Average” filters!
  • One of the major and most controversial changes to the 2020 Open is how Crossfit is conducting their video review and penalty process. The top 40 athletes from each week will need to submit their video for review weekly rather than waiting until the end of the Open. Judges also have been given more liberty to use their discretion as to what constitutes and minor and major penalty based upon the movement and workout. These changes have lead to a stricter review process as 26 penalties were issued on 20.1 and 40 penalties on 20.2. Some major penalties were so harsh that they knocked 7 Games athletes out of contention to qualify for the Games through the Open this season.
  • The Open can be an extremely stressful time for most athletes which is why Games athletes Patrick Vellner, Brent Fikowski, Lukas Esslinger, Jason Carroll, and Travis Williams decided to have a little “fun” with it by participating in “Trash Talk Thursday.”  The rules are easy – whoever has the lowest 1st attempt Open score each week out of their group has to take part in that weeks “Open Humiliation” – a “punishment” decided by the group to openly embarrass the loser. Follow along with any of them on Instagram to get a good laugh as they put each other through some pretty hilarious antics!
  • Some “Fun” Stuff: Patrick Vellner recently got engaged.  Kara Saunders and Ben Smith are currently killing their comebacks as Saunders sits 17th and Smith sits 25th worldwide in the Open. Games athlete, Jessica Griffith, gets her 20.4 video submission rejected for adding the wrong weights to her bar. Athlete Christian Lauber gets called out by the Crossfit community for blatantly cheating on 20.2 by doing “phantom dubs” – dubs with just handles and no rope! James Newbury, 5th at the 2020 Games, had to drop out of the Open after breaking part of his spine and ribs following a bike accident this past month. Newbury hopes to still qualify for the 2020 Games through a Sanctional later this season.

And some highlights from our own community:

  • CONGRATS to our whole community for doing a killer job throughout the 2020 Open! You all showed grit, determination, hard work and we saw some AMAZING PRs!
  • A BIG congratulations to Katie Schloer for PR’ing all 3 of her lifts at her first Powerlifting comp earlier this month!
  • Shout out to Brandon Jowers for currently standing 991 worldwide in the Open! Fingers crossed for hanging onto the top 1,000 as the final scores are validated!
  • We are SO PROUD of Papa D for placing 88th worldwide in the 40-44 Division Online Qualifier!! That hard work has paid off!

CrossFit Cliffnotes – October 2019

Here’s the latest in the CrossFit world:

  • The 2020 Crossift Open is here and will officially begin the new format and schedule to qualify for the Crossfit Games. The season will kick off on Thursday, October 10thand run all the way until the Games begin in August. This change has some speculating that there may be some surprises on the Open Leaderboard as several top athletes are just coming off their “rest period.”.We will have to see who shows up!?!?
  •  Open announcement 20.1 will be live streamed from several different countries with the most notable taking place in Austin, Texas where Scott Panchik and Rich Froning will throw down. Rogue Iron Game will be streaming the event and should remind all of us of the “good old days” with a top of the line broadcast. Rumor has it that Panchik may be leaving the individual competition and will be joining  Froning on team Crossfit Mayhem Freedom this upcoming season.
  • Do you like a good comeback story? Games veterans Dan Bailey, Josh Bridges, and Kara Saunders will be attempting to make their return to the 2020 Games. Bailey attempts to return after a 5 year hiatus recovering from several major injuries and surgeries. He will compete in Dublin at the Filthy 150 Sanctional in November. Bridges returns after major knee surgery that kept him out of the 2019 season. Saunders is also making her comeback after recently becoming a new mom. Both are hoping to qualify through a Sanctional this season.
  • Some “Fun” Stuff: The 2020 Games will be the first Games since 2012 to have a prize purse that will not go up from the year before. Crossfit HQ separates itself even further from the Crossfit Games by splitting their YouTube Channel into two; a channel with just Games content and a channel with just HQ content. NOBULL will be hosting its first Fitness Film Festival in Brooklyn, NY on November 23rd. They will be premiering a short film highlighting current NOBULL athletes and will show content from other filmmakers as well.

And some highlights from our own community:

  • Krissy Baird came back for her first WOD on October 7 after having Baby Teagan and said it was harder then her delivery!
  • Lee Comerford got her first set of dubs last week!
  • Tom Cleary will be traveling to Japan on Thursday to compete with the Michinoku Pro Wrestling Promotion! Follow his adventures on Instagram @hatfieldcityfc
  • Carol Risko and Nick Katra will be completing the “Freedom Challenge” on the weekend of November 23rd where they will attempt to run The Rothman Orthopedics 8k and Philadelphia Half Marathon on Saturday, and then the Philadelphia Marathon on Sunday! 

CrossFit Cliffnotes – July 2019

Here’s the latest on what’s happening around the CrossFit Community:

  • The first Sanctional season officially came to a close in France this past Sunday ending a 7 month battle for individuals and teams to earn their spot to the Crossfit Games. Ben Smith, the only athlete to have 10 consecutive individual Games appearances, has not qualified (he is coming back from knee surgery this winter). Many are rallying for him to earn one of the “blow hard” wild card invites – do you think he deserves it?
  • Several more athletes have tested positive for banned substances and most notably was Crossfit Mayhem Independence Team member Elly Kabboord. Kabboord’s positive test got the community up in arms because she has trained with Rich Froning for years and is adamant about the fact that she must have ingested tainted supplements or food (a claim several other athletes have made as well). She is currently having her supplements tested and appealing her 4-year sanction.
  • It has been confirmed that there will be a way to watch the 2019 Games this summer which begin on August 1st! Crossfit will be streaming the Games live through a world feed. Don’t expect all of the theatrics of previous Games broadcasts, but this feed will give anyone the chance to commentate or create whatever Games story or production they choose. Click here for more information.
  • Some “Fun” Stuff: Mat Fraser just released his own shoe, the Nike Metcon 5 MF. Tia-Clair Toomey and Katrin Davidsdottir both ended their contract with Reebok. Davidsdottir is now a NOBULL athlete. Dave Castro got a new puppy; a female Dogo Argentino named “Doug.” Check out “dougthedogo” on Instagram to follow all the cuteness. Stacie Tovar gave birth to a baby boy, Gavin George. Ben Smith is listed as an alternate on Rich Froning’s Crossfit Mayhem Freedom team for the Games this summer.

And a few highlights from our own CFMY community:

  • Meg B crushed it at the Asbury Park Summer Games, which will be a sanctioned event next year. She and her team placed 7th our of 40 teams in the Women’s RX division, raking in first and second place event finishes.
  • Congrats to Lizzy for finally hitting her 100# snatch – a goal she’s been relentlessly chasing!
  • Love is in the air! Cheers to several of our members for recently getting engaged – Rachel and Justin, as well as Bree!

CrossFit Cliffnotes – June 2019

Here’s the latest on what’s happening around the CrossFit Community:

  • Need to get pumped up, girls!?!?  Check out this hype video that was played before the “DÓTTIR WOD” at the Reykjavík Crossfit Championship. This WOD is a collaboration between Annie, Sara, and Katrin, and they hope it becomes a benchmark WOD across all boxes.

  • Turns out being a great trash talker can get you an invite to the Crossfit Games! Love him or hate him, Hunter McIntyre has received a wild card invite to the 2019 Games. McIntyre is a professional athlete and has been doing Crossfit for years but never qualified through the traditional process. Click here to watch his interview about why he should go to the Games.

  • The Rogue Invitational had several highlight moments and was considered one of the best Sanctionals this season! Tia-Clair Toomey and Mat Fraser showed us that there is no sign of them slowing down, as they both coasted to 1st place finishes. One of the most iconic moments was the Legends Division “Amanda” WOD where Crossfit OGs threw down just like they did back in 2010. Click here to watch them go at it.

  • Some “Fun” Stuff: Lauren Fisher got engaged to teammate Rasmus Andersen. Katrin Davidsdottir is releasing her first book in August. Crossfit deleted its Facebook and Instagram accounts over concerns about user privacy and data sharing. Will Moorad is going back to the Games- he hasn’t been there since 2014! Team Invictus X earned themselves another Games invite with their new team roster after their previous invite was revoked.

And as promised, some highlights from our own CFMY community!

  • Coach Meg and Bobby bought a house, got married on May 18 and just recently returned from their beautiful honeymoon in St. Maarten. Fun fact – they met at Crossfit Manayunk!

  • Krissy Baird crushed a new OHS PR – while at 25 weeks pregnant! Super impressive!

  • Speaking of fit moms, Bree Keohane did Murph this year as her first postpartum workout.

  • Kathy showed us some serious strength and was back squatting in the triple digits.

  • Lizzy and Carol faced a tough defeat at the Memorial Day pool party when Dave completely shut them out in beer pong.

  • Did you catch Dave and Pizza Jawn on 6ABC?! ICYMI – here it is.

  • SOOOOO many amazing front squat PRs all-around by our athletes! Way to stick with it through the progression – love hearing that bell ring!

CrossFit Cliffnotes – May 2019

Welcome to the first edition of CrossFit Cliffnotes by CFMY member Jess Beothy. Here, we’ll share monthly highlights from in and around the CrossFit community, and maybe a few from our own CFMY community, too!

Here’s what’s happening now:

  • Mathew Fraser and Sara Sigmundsdottir are the official winners of the 2019 Crossfit Open.  National Champions will receive their official invites any day now. Click here to view the Leaderboard!
  • There are six more Sanctionals left to the season and the most exciting to watch will be the Rogue Invitational which will host some of the most popular current Games athletes as well as Games legends. Think of this event as a “mini” Crossfit Games with all of your favorites! The competition will be held on May 18th-19th. Click here for all the details.
  • Chantelle Loehner of Team Invictus X  became the first 2019 Games athlete to test positive for performance enhancing drugs. Loehner has contested the results and has asked for her B sample to be re-tested.
  • Controversial 2019 Games qualifier Devon Ford has decided to decline his invite. Ford received an incredible amount of negative backlash from the community when it was determined that his 19.3 video submitted for verification was missing reps and did not meet movement standards. Click here to read more and watch his video.
    • The controversy highlights a major oversight and issue with Crossfit HQ and their video verification process. If athletes are going to get a direct invite to the Games through the Open, then HQ has to do better. Click here to watch a YouTube video from ArmenHammerTV which points out the REAL issue with this mess!
  • Some Fun Stuff: Bye, bye Nanos! Athletes can now wear whatever shoes they want at the Games. Kara (Webb) Saunders will be welcoming her baby girl within the next two weeks! Sam Dancer recently participated in an Ayahuasca retreat in Peru and Sweat Lodge Ceremony in Mexico (and yes, his team Invictus X still qualified for the Games in April! [now pending Loehner’s appeal.]) Haley Adams became one of the youngest athletes ever to qualify for the Games at age 18. Sam Briggs continues to show us why she is a BOSS by qualifying for the Games BY EVERY MEANS POSSIBLE at the age of 37!!