Coach Hopp has been CrossFitting since 2014. Before that, he was a Division 1 Collegiate Athlete; a Varsity Rower at LaSalle University. For the year after graduating college, Mike had not found the same sort of competitive and striving atmosphere that he was once familiar with in rowing, until he found CrossFit. He had been a member of another Crossfit affiliate until he moved from NJ to Philadelphia and found Crossfit Manayunk in 2016. Since then, he has enjoyed the friendly and competitive atmosphere and excellent programming at Crossfit Manayunk, driving him to consistently train hard and make the most out of every day at the gym.

Recently, Coach Hopp has joined the Crossfit Manayunk coaching staff and is grateful and excited for the opportunity to help every member athlete to better themselves and enjoy the experience of CrossFit. “My goal is to focus on the technique of all movements and to motivate members of the gym to push themselves past the physical and mental limits they once knew,” he says.