Erin Goglia

Coach Erin Goglia has been CrossFitting more than six years and, although she claims to suffer from a chronic case of “resting bitch face,” she’s actually a super cool and friendly person. Coaching is in her genes. Her father has been a football coach since before she was born, and she started coaching kids’ swimming in high school. “After CrossFitting for a few years, I found myself frequently offering unsolicited advice and pointers to my fellow athletes,” he says. “I figured I’d get fewer dirty looks and eye rolls if I did so as a coach, so I took the next step into coaching.”

Erin is passionate about living an active lifestyle, craft beer, and baseball. She was a multi-sport athlete growing up who lettered in field hockey, swimming and softball in high school. She also played softball for three years in college.

Her favorite quote is “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


  • CrossFit Level 1