Curt Brooks

Weight gain and boredom with his current workouts were what got Coach Curt Brooks in the door at Crossfit Manayunk over five years ago.  The friends he’s made and the competitive nature of the workouts are what keeps him coming back every morning.  Moving from a farm in Indiana, Curt was looking for a way to ingratiate himself into the Manayunk community and scratch the competitive itch that he had while playing basketball, baseball and golf through high school.  He found it and took up coaching a year ago to pay his experience forward to others.

“Coming into Crossfit I considered myself a relatively healthy person, but I have lost 35 pounds over three years and I feel healthier at 33 than I did at 25.  Coaching has allowed me the opportunity to make the gym a welcoming place and to instill in athletes self-confidence in themselves and that the programming works if you put in the time and effort.”

Favorite quote:  “Mr. Brooks, your table is ready.” – Lucky’s waiter


  • CF L-1