CrossFit Manayunk – CrossFit

Deadlift (4×8 @ 65%)

In Between Sets Complete

4×8 Double DB FLOOR/BENCH Press (35/50/70)

4×10 double Dumbell Bicep Curl (l+r=1)

*sec pause at the top*Dont swing you body

Strict /assist Pull Ups 4×5

ROW: Metcon (Calories)

Row For Cals EMON (18min)

Starting With 0-1min complete 5/3 Cals. Once completed Rest until next Min and add 1 Cal each round.

Ex- 0-1min 5 cals

01-02min 6 cals

02-03min 7 cals


If you get caught continue rowing for remain Time Cap with No Rest. **Score is your highest amount of Cal you completed in Min**