CrossFit Cliffnotes – November 2019

Here’s the latest in the CrossFit world:

  • The 2020 Open just wrapped up and it should come as no surprise that Crossfit Manayunk is kicking butt on the Affiliate Leaderboard!! The Leaderboard can be filtered by several different means, but  by using the “Top 10” filter, here is how CFMY measured up as of November 11, 2019:
    • 1,766 out of approximately 11,850 Affiliates Worldwide
    • 818 out of approximately 5,580 Affiliates in the USA
    • 32nd out of approximately 188 Affiliates in the state of Pennsylvania
    • Click here to play around with the other filters as we have our best results when using the “Top 4” and “Average” filters!
  • One of the major and most controversial changes to the 2020 Open is how Crossfit is conducting their video review and penalty process. The top 40 athletes from each week will need to submit their video for review weekly rather than waiting until the end of the Open. Judges also have been given more liberty to use their discretion as to what constitutes and minor and major penalty based upon the movement and workout. These changes have lead to a stricter review process as 26 penalties were issued on 20.1 and 40 penalties on 20.2. Some major penalties were so harsh that they knocked 7 Games athletes out of contention to qualify for the Games through the Open this season.
  • The Open can be an extremely stressful time for most athletes which is why Games athletes Patrick Vellner, Brent Fikowski, Lukas Esslinger, Jason Carroll, and Travis Williams decided to have a little “fun” with it by participating in “Trash Talk Thursday.”  The rules are easy – whoever has the lowest 1st attempt Open score each week out of their group has to take part in that weeks “Open Humiliation” – a “punishment” decided by the group to openly embarrass the loser. Follow along with any of them on Instagram to get a good laugh as they put each other through some pretty hilarious antics!
  • Some “Fun” Stuff: Patrick Vellner recently got engaged.  Kara Saunders and Ben Smith are currently killing their comebacks as Saunders sits 17th and Smith sits 25th worldwide in the Open. Games athlete, Jessica Griffith, gets her 20.4 video submission rejected for adding the wrong weights to her bar. Athlete Christian Lauber gets called out by the Crossfit community for blatantly cheating on 20.2 by doing “phantom dubs” – dubs with just handles and no rope! James Newbury, 5th at the 2020 Games, had to drop out of the Open after breaking part of his spine and ribs following a bike accident this past month. Newbury hopes to still qualify for the 2020 Games through a Sanctional later this season.

And some highlights from our own community:

  • CONGRATS to our whole community for doing a killer job throughout the 2020 Open! You all showed grit, determination, hard work and we saw some AMAZING PRs!
  • A BIG congratulations to Katie Schloer for PR’ing all 3 of her lifts at her first Powerlifting comp earlier this month!
  • Shout out to Brandon Jowers for currently standing 991 worldwide in the Open! Fingers crossed for hanging onto the top 1,000 as the final scores are validated!
  • We are SO PROUD of Papa D for placing 88th worldwide in the 40-44 Division Online Qualifier!! That hard work has paid off!