CrossFit Cliffnotes – October 2019

Here’s the latest in the CrossFit world:

  • The 2020 Crossift Open is here and will officially begin the new format and schedule to qualify for the Crossfit Games. The season will kick off on Thursday, October 10thand run all the way until the Games begin in August. This change has some speculating that there may be some surprises on the Open Leaderboard as several top athletes are just coming off their “rest period.”.We will have to see who shows up!?!?
  •  Open announcement 20.1 will be live streamed from several different countries with the most notable taking place in Austin, Texas where Scott Panchik and Rich Froning will throw down. Rogue Iron Game will be streaming the event and should remind all of us of the “good old days” with a top of the line broadcast. Rumor has it that Panchik may be leaving the individual competition and will be joining  Froning on team Crossfit Mayhem Freedom this upcoming season.
  • Do you like a good comeback story? Games veterans Dan Bailey, Josh Bridges, and Kara Saunders will be attempting to make their return to the 2020 Games. Bailey attempts to return after a 5 year hiatus recovering from several major injuries and surgeries. He will compete in Dublin at the Filthy 150 Sanctional in November. Bridges returns after major knee surgery that kept him out of the 2019 season. Saunders is also making her comeback after recently becoming a new mom. Both are hoping to qualify through a Sanctional this season.
  • Some “Fun” Stuff: The 2020 Games will be the first Games since 2012 to have a prize purse that will not go up from the year before. Crossfit HQ separates itself even further from the Crossfit Games by splitting their YouTube Channel into two; a channel with just Games content and a channel with just HQ content. NOBULL will be hosting its first Fitness Film Festival in Brooklyn, NY on November 23rd. They will be premiering a short film highlighting current NOBULL athletes and will show content from other filmmakers as well.

And some highlights from our own community:

  • Krissy Baird came back for her first WOD on October 7 after having Baby Teagan and said it was harder then her delivery!
  • Lee Comerford got her first set of dubs last week!
  • Tom Cleary will be traveling to Japan on Thursday to compete with the Michinoku Pro Wrestling Promotion! Follow his adventures on Instagram @hatfieldcityfc
  • Carol Risko and Nick Katra will be completing the “Freedom Challenge” on the weekend of November 23rd where they will attempt to run The Rothman Orthopedics 8k and Philadelphia Half Marathon on Saturday, and then the Philadelphia Marathon on Sunday!