CrossFit Cliffnotes – September 2019

Here’s the latest in the CrossFit world:

  • Although the 2019 Crossfit Games were the most controversial to date, they ended the same way as the last few years, Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey taking the top spot. A sprint, an event many members of the community felt was too specialized and not a true test of overall fitness, ended the weekend for many of the sport’s most popular athletes such as Patrick Velllner, Sara Sigmusndottir, Annie Thorisdottir, and Cole Sager. The title of “Fittest on Earth” was highly debated by analysts, commentators, and members of the community as they tried to process how several top perennial podium finishers didn’t even make it past Saturday afternoon.
  •  Crossfit HQ has heard the voices of the community and has already adopted a new elimination format for the first round of next year’s Games.  All athletes will get to compete in the first three events that will use the “Every Second Counts” format from the 2008 Games- a format that will score athletes based upon their cumulative time of these three events.
  • The drama from the Games is easy to get over when the next season is right around the corner! The Open starts right up again on October 10th and will kick off the 2020 Games Season with its usual 5 weeks of workouts. Look for this Games season to be long as there will be a total of 29 Sanctionals this year, with the first one beginning on November 22nd.
  • The Open Leaderboard will have a new feature this year that will allow affiliates to compare themselves with other boxes using a custom Affiliate Leaderboard. This will allow box owners to compare their average open scores or top open athletes to other boxes in their country or region.
  • Some “Fun” Stuff: James Townsend completed the One Ton Challenge in 37 seconds, The Buttery Bros (Heber Cannon and Marston Sawyers) are making a movie about the 2019 Games, Bethany Shadburne painted her shoes at the Games to look like Crocs, Sam Briggs, Emma Mcquaid, and Sara Sigmundsdottir completed a triathlon the morning after they got cut from the Games, Dre Strohm went dumpster diving after the Games after all of his gear was accidentally thrown out – he wasn’t successful in finding it!, Katrin Davidsdottir is the first Crossfit athlete to appear in ESPN’s “The Body Issue”-an issue of the magazine that celebrates the varying shapes and sizes of athletes by having them pose strategically nude.

And some highlights from our own community:

  • Shout out to Katie Schloer for officially signing up for her first powerlifting comp, which will take place in November. We know you’re gonna crush it!
  • Congrats to Coach Meg Yocum for pulling a second place finish in her division in the Red Raider Backyard Brawl!
  • RING THE BELL! Chrissy Hunsberger hit a 140# snatch – a new PR! – during the Brawl in the Burbs comp!
  • And another big congrats to Chrissy, Jamie, Dave and Ben for placing third during the Brawl in the Burbs comp, as well!