CrossFit Cliffnotes – August 2019

Here’s the latest in the CrossFit world:

  • The Crossfit Games are here, kicking off on 8/1 at 11:30am EST.  There are several changes to this year’s format and scoring system that may leave some of the most well-known athletes on the sidelines by Sunday. The individual field will be cut in half after just one event from 150 to 75 and will progressively decrease down to 10 athletes. Here are the best places to watch all of the action:
    • Rogue Iron Game : Click here to check out Rogue’s official Games live stream, commentary, and analysis with familiar faces Sean Woodland, Annie Sakamoto, Dan Bailey, and Chase Ingraham.
    • Morning Chalk Up : Click here to watch Morning Chalk Up’s complete coverage that will include live commentary and play-by-play hosted by Rob Orlando and Jeff BrightwellTommy Marquez will also host an update show three times a day. 
  • Ben Smith received the wild card invite and will be competing in his 11th consecutive Crossfit Games as an individual, the longest run out of any athlete ever to compete. 
  • Are you up for the One Ton Challenge (OTC)?  . Male athletes are tasked with lifting one ton (2,000lbs) and female athletes are tasked with lifting (1,200lbs) in 2 hours using the following 6 lifts: Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Snatch, Clean + Jerk. Veteran Games athlete Tommy Hackenbruck was able to lift 2010lbs in only 1min 16 secs in his most recent attempt. LifeAid will be sponsoring a live OTC event at the Games this weekend (for non-Games athletes). It will be hosted by C.T. Fletcher and will have some of the biggest names in weightlifting, bodybuilding and Crossfit competing. 
  • Some “Fun” Stuff: Rich Froning gets a blistered rash after swimming through duck poop the day before the Games begin!  For a good laugh, watch the docu-series All In Too which follows Patrick Vellner on the road to this year’s Games.  Games veteran Graham Holmberg instilled a dress code at his box which prohibited athletes from going shirtless or wearing bootie shorts!  

And a few highlights from our own community:

  • Big congrats to Meg and Katie on their engagement!! We love your love, and we are so excited for you both!
  • Shout out to Bethany Housman for competing in the Women’s Philly Triathalon earlier this month!
  • Thank you to the overwhelming number of our members who chipped in to help with Laura’s friend by providing items to help with the baby she’s fostering. We loved seeing how much our community came together!
  • Pizza Jawn has some new gear coming soon – keep an eye out!
  • Brawl in the Burbs takes place this weekend (August 3) at Crossfit KOP. Come out to support Dave, Ben, Chrissy, Jamie, Drew and Kristen Jones.
  • Congrats to Lee Farber – he’s lost a total of 45lbs since starting Crossfit! Way to go!
  • And congrats to Brandon for the first place finish during his recent comp, and on his birthday, too!