CrossFit Manayunk – CrossFit

The Paragon Theatre (Time)

5 Rounds for Time(40 min cap)

100 meter Run

15 db power cleans 50/35

20 Kettlebell Swings russian (53/35 lb) (70/50)

30 reps of

Round 1: Push-Ups( 20 hspu)

Round 2: hang clean & jerk 135/95

Round 3: Pull-Ups (15 ring MU)

Round 4: hang snatch

Round 5: Burpees

CrossFit Cliffnotes – June 2019

Here’s the latest on what’s happening around the CrossFit Community:

  • Need to get pumped up, girls!?!?  Check out this hype video that was played before the “DÓTTIR WOD” at the Reykjavík Crossfit Championship. This WOD is a collaboration between Annie, Sara, and Katrin, and they hope it becomes a benchmark WOD across all boxes.

  • Turns out being a great trash talker can get you an invite to the Crossfit Games! Love him or hate him, Hunter McIntyre has received a wild card invite to the 2019 Games. McIntyre is a professional athlete and has been doing Crossfit for years but never qualified through the traditional process. Click here to watch his interview about why he should go to the Games.

  • The Rogue Invitational had several highlight moments and was considered one of the best Sanctionals this season! Tia-Clair Toomey and Mat Fraser showed us that there is no sign of them slowing down, as they both coasted to 1st place finishes. One of the most iconic moments was the Legends Division “Amanda” WOD where Crossfit OGs threw down just like they did back in 2010. Click here to watch them go at it.

  • Some “Fun” Stuff: Lauren Fisher got engaged to teammate Rasmus Andersen. Katrin Davidsdottir is releasing her first book in August. Crossfit deleted its Facebook and Instagram accounts over concerns about user privacy and data sharing. Will Moorad is going back to the Games- he hasn’t been there since 2014! Team Invictus X earned themselves another Games invite with their new team roster after their previous invite was revoked.

And as promised, some highlights from our own CFMY community!

  • Coach Meg and Bobby bought a house, got married on May 18 and just recently returned from their beautiful honeymoon in St. Maarten. Fun fact – they met at Crossfit Manayunk!

  • Krissy Baird crushed a new OHS PR – while at 25 weeks pregnant! Super impressive!

  • Speaking of fit moms, Bree Keohane did Murph this year as her first postpartum workout.

  • Kathy showed us some serious strength and was back squatting in the triple digits.

  • Lizzy and Carol faced a tough defeat at the Memorial Day pool party when Dave completely shut them out in beer pong.

  • Did you catch Dave and Pizza Jawn on 6ABC?! ICYMI – here it is.

  • SOOOOO many amazing front squat PRs all-around by our athletes! Way to stick with it through the progression – love hearing that bell ring!


CrossFit Manayunk – CrossFit

Metcon (Weight)

Front Foot Elevated split squat( Back Rack)

Hammer Curls

Side Lat Raises

Push Ups (scale db floor press)
8×8 per exercise with exactly :30 rest between sets

move directly into the next movement so have everything set up to start

Add weights into comments sections

Burner # 9 (Time)

for time (6 min cap)



6 hang clean and jerk 135/95 (185/120)


CrossFit Manayunk – CrossFit

Back Squat Warm Up # 1 (No Measure)

1 time through

Toes 2 wall stretch 1 minute each side

Plate Squat x 1 minute

Squat Sit to Reach x 20

Groiners x 20 (10 per leg)

Quadruped Hydrants x 10 per leg, per direction

Cossack Squats x 20 (10 per leg)

Duck Walk x 20-40 steps (bodyweight or with weight overhead or in front)

Back Squat Waves # 3 (6 Rounds for weight)

6 Reps @ 70%

3 Reps @ 75%

6 Reps @ 70%

3 Reps @ 79%

6 Reps @ 72%

3 Reps @ 84%
rest 2 minutes between sets

The Former Yugosavia (AMRAP – Reps)

12 min amrap

7 toes 2 bar

5 front squats

7 t2b

5 S2OH

2 rds @ 95/65

2 rds @ 135/95

2 rds @ 155/105

2 rds @ 185/120

max rds @ 225/155
24 reps per rd or 48 per weighht


CrossFit Manayunk – CrossFit

Front Squat (1 rep max )

Bodysuit Man (Time)

for time (13 min cap)

50 S2OH 135/95(155/105)

50 toes 2 bar

* must switch movement on each break (so if i do a set of 5 S2OH i must move to T2B and do a set after that must switch back to S2OH until one movement is complete so the goal here is large sets )

06 /03/2019

CrossFit Manayunk – CrossFit

Warm Up #21 (No Measure)

10 minutes

10/8 cal bike

10 jumping lunges (explosive)

:30 bottom squat hold

Monday Mix #1 (AMRAP – Reps)

0-4 minutes complete 150 dubs(300 singles)

4-14 build to max hang power snatch

14-18 min 150 dubs (300 singles)

18 -28 min build to max hang power clean

28-32 min 150 dubs (300 singles)

32-42 amrap

50 burpees

50 russian kb swings 50/35(70/50)

max strict pull ups(c2B)

*score is total weight + reps in amarp (minus any dubs(x3) not completed

example (100 snatch + 150 clean + 120 reps in amrap) dubs 150/145/150 (15 rep penalty) =370-15=355