CrossFit Manayunk – CrossFit

OHS MoB #1 (No Measure)

4 rds or 10 minutes

overhead shrugs (shrug up hold 2 sec controlled down) 15 reps empty barbell

assisted prone lift offs x 15 reps ( https://youtu.be/GU420WUXFU8 )

banded overhead squat press ( https://youtu.be/zRh5qzqbnVo ) 10 reps each side

Overhead Squat (10 x 2)

banded kb stability OHS Must press weight from behind neck

3311 tempo

add kb weight to whatever you have on the barbell many will use empty barbell +kb weights

double wrap bands i they are too long

Close Talker (Time)

for time

for time

for time (13 min cap)


db power cleans

db front squats

ohs 95/65 (135/95)

*25 dubs after each rd