CrossFit Manayunk – CrossFit

Warm Up #1(Duck Tails) (No Measure)

3 rds

6-8/arm – Half Kneeling Bottom Up KB Press @ 2010 tempo

rest 30sec

10m goblet squats duck walks

rest 30sec

12 Scapular Push Ups on Elbows

rest 60sec

FBB #13 (No Measure)


A1-Split Stance Romanian Deadlift

3111; 6 per leg

A2-Kettlebell Rack Drop Lunge

Stand on a 4-6″ step so that you step down with each lunge – (Kettlebells front rack loaded) 10 reps alternating

A3-:30 side plank weighted if possible each side

A-4 10 seated Arnold press 2111

“Seven” (7 Rounds for time)

Every 1:30 complete for 7 rds

7 double kb hang cleans

7 double kb push press

7 double kb goblet squats
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