David Lee [Owner]

CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Gymnastics

CrossFit Mobility

California Strength Level 1 Cert. 

Jon North Olympic Lifting Cert. 

Kendrick Farris Olympic Lifitng Cert.

Carl Paoli Freestyle Movement 

Underground Strength Coach Level 1

IYCA Youth Cert. 

Current USAW Memeber and Club Founder  

Ashley Mutch [Head Coach]

I started coaching in January of 2012. I wanted to start coaching because I used to be really overweight and found a passion for fitness after my journey of losing over 60 lbs. I continue to coach because I want to encourage those that may be on that same journey.  It's a long road and can feel defeating at times, but crossfit creates such a family and support system that it makes it really hard to just give up. I've been an athlete my whole life, but this is a new level of training for me and something that I've really enjoyed learning and growing with.  I also love coaching those who are just as passionate about fitness and the sport of Crossfit!

CrossFit Level 1 

Bachelors in  Criminal Justice

College Sports: Softball at Elmira College: Rookie of the Year, Record Holder For Most Put Outs, Most RBI's

Daniel Fors

I started coaching in January of 2012. My passion for coaching came from coaching Philadelphia Floorball for over 8 years. Helping out others has always been in my personality, so it felt natural for me to take the step when Dave asked for my interest in doing so. Its a great recognition when you coach someone and you see that person take in the information and go out and achieve their goal, may it be in the gym, school, workplace or just how to interact with someone. One big thing for me, coaching others, is that it inspires and motivates me to become better as well.

CrossFit Level 1


Leslie Weller

I began my coaching at CFMY in September 2012. Through Crossfit I have finally found a way for me to sustain a healthy lifestyle and even GROW as an athlete in my 30's!!  I grew up playing team sports; soccer, volleyball, softball and basketball. As an adult, I never "clicked" or connected with the globo gym rat race of cardio, circuit training, and all the classes... I tried them all! Zumba, pilates, yoga, hot yoga, power yoga, vinyasa yoga, spin, kickboxing, body pump, total body kick yoga pump! You name it, I tried it!!

There's something about THIS community that treats EVERYONE like an athlete, that gives that feel of "We're a team and we're in this together."  It kept me coming back for more, more PR's, more confidence, more personal growth!  I have surprised myself and surpassed my own expectations for myself countless times in my 2+ years of Crossfit.

I coach because helping other members let go of fears and anxieties, realize a little more of their potential and surpass their own expectations for themselves in the gym is truly rewarding.  I believe in Crossfit and in the community, the family, we are building at CFMY. 

CrossFit Mobility Cert

Kettlebell Cert 

CrossFit Level I

Freestyle Connection with Carl Paoli

Kendrick Farris - Bless the Gym

Jon North - Attitude Nation

Villanova Women's Club Soccer: [Captain '01 -'03]

Villanova Intramural Volleyball, Soccer and Softball


Jenna Carelli

I have been involved in sports since I was a child, participating heavily in soccer throughout my high school and college years. After college, I found myself without a strict training schedule and had a lot of extra time on my hands. I then started running and have competed in road-races ranging from 3 miles to marathon distances, in addition to several spartan races, trail runs, and other obstacle courses. I was missing a huge element in my life, and that was the community aspect of a sports team. In March 2013, I joined Crossfit Manayunk. Crossfit filled that void in my life, and taught me much more than proper lifting technique and the importance of including weights in your exercise routine. Crossfit has given me strength that I never knew existed, not only physically but emotionally as well. Each and every day is a new challenge. Crossfit doesn’t get easier; you just perform better and set out to achieve new, greater, goals. With proper programming, and Crossfit Manayunk’s outstanding coaching staff, you will end up surprising yourself once you realize how much improvement you can make in such a short amount of time. 

Crossift L-1 Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer through NASM

CPR/AED Certification

Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification through ISSA

Blogger at www.crazyhealthyfit.com

Shannon Rafferty Pierce

I joined Real World Strength Coach with David Lee in July of 2011, and quickly transitioned to a member of CrossFit Manayunk after its affiliation.  My prior athletic history involved high school basketball and golf, college club golf, rec league football and softball, and several marathons.  CrossFit Manayunk so greatly improved my marathon running that I wanted to learn how to maximize the benefits of CrossFit with endurance sports. I received my CrossFit Endurance certification in March, 2012.  I love helping athletes from everyday desk jockeys to serious competitors increase overall endurance -- whether in workouts and races or just climbing the steps while carrying the groceries. Watching an athlete achieve something new and discover their full potential are the best rewards for a coach, and they remind us why we train ourselves, too!

-Freestyle Connection with Carl Paoli

-Kendrick Farris - Bless the Gym 

Erin McCloskey


 CrossFit Level 1
 I was born with an inability to sit still and raised in a house with no air conditioning, cable television or video games.  From this confluence of circumstances grew a love of being outdoors, physical activity and sports in general.
 Most of my free time during my formative years was spent outside, playing some type of game, organized or unorganized, traditional or made up, with others or by myself: catch in the backyard; HORSE at the basketball courts; rough touch football in the park; street hockey in the Rita's parking lot; capture the flag all over the neighborhood; wiffle ball wherever there was an open space and the opportunity to perfect my Ken Griffey, Jr. imitation.
 After a brief foray into the world of dance (too much grace for a five year-old, I'm told), I tried just about every organized athletic activity that was offered to girls my age and within my parents' budget: swimming; softball; basketball; volleyball; field hockey.  I even gave track and cheerleading a whirl in the fourth grade before I realized I had the build of Fred Flintstone and the rhythm of my mother after one too many bay breezes.  As I got older, I found my niche in three of those sports: field hockey, swimming and softball.  After receiving 11 varsity letters for those three sports over four years of high school, I accepted a partial scholarship to play softball at Drexel University.
 After graduating college in 2006, I struggled to find an activity that filled the void that organized team sports had occupied for so long.  I joined a globo-gym near my place of employment.  I gave that whole running thing another try.  I was missing the structure, the direction, the motivation and the camaraderie that I had always found in the sports I played.
 A friend of mine had been training with Dave and called my attention to a promotion he was running in January 2011.  I showed up that first night and was hooked after my first hour. Over the following weeks, months and years, I found what I had been missing and then some.  I was happy to be on a schedule again, following a plan alongside others with similar goals.  I never expected to find such a supportive community, the community that exists inside the walls of Manayunk Athletics.


Ed Fenton

 CF level 1
 USAW level 1
 BS in Exercise Science (University of the Sciences)
 EMT/ CPR First Aid

 I have always had an interest in exercise and health since high school. From running races to doing at home exercise programs, I began to develop a basic understand of being in shape and how to eat well. However, like most people I sought a greater challenge which lead me to find Crossfit Manayunk. As one of the youngest members (only a sophomore in college) I found a world of new fitness challenges in David's programming and most importantly, found an awesome community of people who also share my passion and have helped push me to explore new interests. As a competitive golfer in high school, I would have never thought I would compete in Olympic Weightlifting meets, finding it to be one of my new favorite athletic sports.

Becoming a member of the "CFMY army" not only led me to become a coach, but it also was the catalyst which led me to pursue studying exercise and nutrition in college. Now a medical student, I view the habits learned at our gym has helped shape my intention to promote health and wellness in my future career. I cannot say enough how CFMY is such an integral part of my life; whether helping relieve stress and providing me energy to tackle the weeks challenges or being in shape to take on the unknown challenges of being volunteer firefighter, Crossfit Manayunk has given me a great community and is always satisfying the desire to be pushed physically and mentally.


Gym Manager 

Megan Barkley 

Growing up I was always "athletic" and participated in team sports (basketball, softball, volleyball) but I struggled with my weight. I've had various globo gym memberships, trainers, and at home programs...it wasn't until CrossFit that I finally found programming that keeps me inspired to continuously challenge myself and come back for more.

I joined in late July of 2011 and haven't looked back since. I'm not only a dedicated member but also play an administrative role. If you have questions, I'm your girl and can point you in the right direction!
 Manayunk Athletics isn't just a place to sweat...it's a second home with my family! The community within our walls is truly like none other and plays a huge part of why I come back every single time!

My gym is my church.

My sweat is my prayers.

My strength is my salvation.